Why Laptops Are Better Choice than Desktop

The most difficult decisions of life are many things and deciding between purchasing a desktop computer or a laptop computer is just one of them because you have to look into a lot of factors of them, you’ll need to consider a massive list of criteria’s and make a determined choice that will fit your needs the best. Below is going to be a straight up comparison that will compares the two types of computers, providing both pros and cons for each type in order to help you make a more informed and wise purchase decision regarding this issue. If you are looking for laptops under 200 dollars then you may check this page.

Computers vs Laptops

The comparison between the two will include the following criterions –

  • Cost
  • Portability
  • Processing capabilities
  • Ease of assembly
  • Keyboards
  • Screen sizes
  • Upgradability
  • Gaming
  • Repairing


So let’s have a straight up look at all these following criterion in detail in the next few paragraphs

  • COST

Desktop –

There are a wide options and variety of component available for desktops, allowing them for a large range of prices and budgets, but the starting point for a desktop is relatively cheap in comparison to laptops. Desktops can start at low sum which is as meager as $400 for a full package (computer & monitor) and this whole system still can be a pretty powerful one and perform quite well in comparison to laptops of the same price point.


Laptops can have a fairly equal wide variety of component options just like desktops, but they are a lot more limited than desktops. Thus in order to get a more powerful and equally matched laptop (higher speed, better graphics, more storage space, etc.) the price can be considerably higher than desktops at some times, ranging up to $1500 (Rs 90,000) or more, depending up on the brand that you may buy for yourself.


  • Portability

Comparing laptops and desktops on portability is a no brainer and it is known to all that laptops are way more portable than desktops but is it completely true at all times?

Let’s have a look at that


Desktops are way large in size than laptops and have a separate monitor as well. While it’s technically possible to take a desktop from place to place, it’s cumbersome and not the choice for portability and also practically non sensible. They are designed and meant to be used in a single location and not moved around much, if at all to be moved.


Laptops are very easily portable due to their compact size and they were designed to be taken from one place to another place and being carried in a laptop case or a backpack of some sorts. They are also great for on-the-go use in various places.


  • Ease of assembly

Desktops –

Setting up and assembling your desktop takes a bit of extra work to hook everything up (sometimes it’s worth the time) then start it up and then begin to use it. This time period can be approximately a few hours to about a whole day of work. It also requires a lot more space to set up while assembling. While it’s not really difficult to connect everything together and making the thing work but it is still way more cumbersome than just having a laptop.

Laptops –

Laptops are built to be very easy to use and set up and they hence require very little time to get themselves running and start working. All you have to do is just take it out of the box, plug it in and then press the power button and boom you’re all set up and ready to go. Within minutes of starting with the process of setting up everything the laptop is going to be ready to use and be a lot more productive for your use.



Repairs can be a lot of head ache for everyone and they sure are a pain in the a**. So everyone just wants to get rid of the faults of their devices as soon as possible so here we are in comparing the best kind of repair services that you can get from the laptop manufacturers.


Repairing a computer is quite a difficult job if you don’t have the knowledge of all the parts that are in your system and hence if something goes wrong then you’ll find yourself spending hours and hours of your precious time on the internet to find a solution to all your problems that are created due to the issues in hardware or maybe even software as well.


For most users opening up a laptop to repair by themselves is sometimes almost impossible a job. A part can often be difficult to find and thus finding a replacement of a part often requires calling the computer manufacturer or ordering from another online site but a massive solution of this is provided by the laptop manufacturers itself as they make sure that they have good customer support.
So it’s quite easy to guess that laptops and their manufacturers provide enough repairing services for their users.


  • Upgradability

Desktops –

Most components in a desktop can easily be removed and replaced, making it easy to upgrade and since desktop cabinets or cases are usually much larger thus they are easier to work with when doing any upgrades.

Laptop –

Ram memory and hard drive are about the only two  components that can be upgraded in a laptop. Though this varies from manufacturer to manucturer.the remaining components still are either built-in and not at all removable or the laptop is not supposed to work with an upgraded version of an old component. But most laptops nowadays promote upgradability as it’s an important part of the pc master race!


  • Conclusive thoughts

In conclusion I would like to state that both desktops as well as laptops serve their purposes just about right and make our lives and jobs a lot more easier but at the end of the day we do love to choose a winner and that in this case would be the laptops for sure.

Finding Best Router Table Reviews In 2016

Best Router Table Reviews In 2016 – There is a great deal to consider before you buy a router table. From finding a table with the right openings to secure the featherboard and an effortlessly adjustable piece gatekeeper to getting the right adornments and figuring out how to keep away from wounds, there is far to the right buy of the best router table reviews. There are unquestionably a great deal of decisions available. All things considered, router tables are extremely helpful woodworking machines.

Best Router Table Reviews In 2016

It’s additionally genuine that the greater the machine, the better. Be that as it may, unless you are an expert woodworker, you won’t as a matter of course need to spend a fortune to buy a top router table for you. Huge router tables are costly. For whatever length of time that you get a router table with the right dances, you are good to go – regardless of the fact that you do individual work at home. In this way, how about we perceive how we can help you pick the best router table for cash – whether you are an accomplished proficient, learner in the employment or specialist.

We walk you through the procedure of buying by exhibiting the best accessible router tables for cash available at present. As customers, we as a whole need the same thing: to locate the best conceivable item for our necessities at the most reasonable cost. That is our objective here. We investigate router tables and pinpoint their essential parts and capacities. After intensive research, our group has accumulated top router tables for experts and the 5 best router table machines for specialists. Our reviews and general methodology on the subject will help you spend sensibly and still get the best router table to address YOUR issues.

Picking the Best Router Table


Get a strong and level top

It’s completely important to get a table with a level and unbending surface. This will help you cut and shape sheets with accuracy. Minor knocks and anomalies won’t help you carry out the employment right. The table top must be tough since you will apply weight while encouraging sheets. In this way, give extraordinary significance to the material of the surface.

Because of its low cost and strength, MDF is the best decision available. It ought to be 1” thick in any event. The issue with this material is that it’s not sufficiently tricky to permit you to push sheets, yet there is an answer. Pick MDF finish surfaced with melamine. This material is sufficiently dangerous and will likewise shield MDF from wear. Another choice is to get MDF surfaced with high-weight cover. It’s significantly more sturdy, additionally more costly. Things being what they are, take the plunge just on the off chance that you are a professional.Are you an expert? For this situation, you can disregard MDF inside and out and select cast iron tops. This is the top material since it is to a great degree solid, level and stable and ingests vibrations, but on the other hand it’s the most costly decision.

Make surer the base plate is unbending and level

This is the part, which is settled in debt at the focal point of the router table. It must be sufficiently tough to bolster the substantial weight of the router. It should likewise fit superbly at your router table so that the top surface will be level. Since it has the bits, it must be effectively acclimated to work with bits of all sizes.

Ensure the plate you pick is perfect with your router since a few makers drill them to match particular router models available. Additionally maintain a strategic distance from one-size-fits-all plates since they regularly do not have the required quality. On the off chance that you are wanting to routinely evacuate the router to utilize it physically, ensure the router is mounted and expelled effortlessly, or you’ll waste time.

Incline toward router tables with miter and T-openings

You won’t not require the miter opening in each occupation, but rather it’s great to realize that your router table incorporates the space on the off chance that you need to make dadoes for example. Some tables have T-openings so that the featherboard and different frill will be all around secured.

The wall must be balanced effectively

To control the cut, you have to apply weight against the table additionally against the wall. Along these lines, it must be extremely solid. You should have the capacity to set it straight and alter it effortlessly. It should likewise stay set up generally your occupation will transform into a bad dream.

There are one-piece and two-piece wall. Albeit split (two-piece) wall permit you to change the two pieces nearer to the bit, their arrangement can be extremely troublesome. Also, we advise you that the wall must be impeccably adjusted or the board you are right now taking a shot voluntarily knock in the distending/misaligned part of the wall.

You won’t have the same issue with one-piece wall since this is one strong bit of wood covering both the in-food and out-food sides. The drawback of one-piece wall? You can’t change the opening around the bit, so it must be sufficiently enormous to get huge bits. When you work with little bits, the board won’t be upheld when it goes along the opening. Another inconvenience with one-piece wall is that you won’t have the capacity to set the in-food segment of the wall at a balance in the out-food part, yet that is tackled by utilizing shims.

The base must be stable

In the event that it’s not, your endeavors may get squandered and your security will be traded off. Keep in mind two things: to begin with, the cutting must be exact and second, you will apply weight. The base must be sufficiently durable to withstand power. It shouldn’t wobble. Keep in mind that the cutter twists quickly and you should have the capacity to depend on the base of the router machine. Ensure it’s made of tough materials and has locking casters so it will stay stable, yet at the same time be portable.

The Dust Authority is NOT an Extravagance Apparatus

6. With such a variety of dances required for router tables, purchasers regularly let dust gatherers well enough alone for their shopping list. Try not to do it! First off, it suctions dust as you are working and not thereafter, thus you won’t work in the midst of piles of shavings. With chips and shavings off the beaten path, you will inhale better. Long presentation to clean can make genuine respiratory issues not to mention eye and skin disturbance, cerebral pains and nasal dryness. Dust gatherers will likewise help you keep away from mischances. Collected shavings make the floor tricky and can without much of a stretch burst into flames.

How To Play Happy Wheels Unblocked Game Online

How To Play Happy Wheels Unblocked Game Online : Since its dispatch in 2010, Happy Wheels has ended up a standout amongst the most mainstream glimmer games everywhere throughout the world. In light of the drawing in, exciting activity which it offers, players discover it greatly hard to quit playing it once they get the hang of playing it. Truth be told playing this game is greatly straightforward and all it requires is the utilization of two or three keys and in this manner it is well known over all age bunches.

Discover How to Play Happy Wheels Online

Happy Wheels Unblocked Game

The initial step for another player would be to set his control alternatives. Players can either choose the default setting or roll out improvements as indicated by their inclinations. This stride is essential since they become acquainted with the control keys that are to be utilized to play the game. For instance, they will discover that the default key for quickening the character is the up bolt while the key for decelerating is the down bolt. They will likewise discover that the right bolt and the left bolt can be utilized to incline towards the privilege or the left individually.

Happy Wheels Unblocked Game Controls

The space bar can be utilized to perform an essential activity in the game while the movement and control keys offer the player some assistance with performing the auxiliary activities. The “Z” key will offer them some assistance with ejecting the character frame their vehicle and the “C” key can be utilized to switch on the camera to record their play.

Once the control alternatives are set, players can choose a level for their game and begin playing. In every level, they would first need to choose the character they need to play with. They can look over various pre set characters, for example, fat woman in a versatility bike, Segway man, explorer in a mine truck and others. Every one of the characters in their particular vehicles have some extraordinary qualities which would offer them some assistance with going pass particular obstacles. The happy wheels unblocked demo adaptation accessible on various sites does not have every one of the characters and thus players miss out an imperative and intriguing part of the game if playing that.

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Presently, players can begin their game by basically squeezing the up bolt. Utilizing the distinctive control keys, players now need to offer their character move some assistance with forwarding and in the process keep away from the diverse deterrents that come in the method for the character. The deterrents can be as gaps, traps, animals, destroying balls, spikes, gravity wells, goliath bugs, landmines and others. On the off chance that the character can’t maintain a strategic distance from the obstacles then it would prompt arms and legs taking off and blood spilling out. On the off chance that the head or body of the character escapes as a result of an impediment, the game finishes there.

Subsequent to the clients can even make diverse levels in the game, each level changes and springs a few or the other shock on the player. Subsequently no level in this game can ever be exhausting and players should be on their toes with a specific end goal to continue attempting to win the game.

Clash Of Clans Builder Plans And Strategies

Clash Of Clans Builder Plans And Strategies : Clash of Clans is a diversion that has various focus on arranging and execution of systems and one of the vital important parts of the amusement is to have an awesome builder plan to help safe your base and to pulverize foe things that will come to attack your base. The arrangement of the base is imperative as the amusement might be gotten or lost relying upon the situation of the buildings, guard buildings and the units.

Clash Of Clans Builder

Clash Of Clans Builder Plans

There are a considerable amount of contention of the clash of clans builder plans which are accessible online from which people can both duplicate the arrangement or can utilize part of the arrangement while drawing up their own one of a kind building arrangement.

There are a ton of issues that ought to be considered while making the base for your group and the base is the most critical part of the diversion as it can help to watch your sources furthermore will help you to keep up an intemperate trophy number. The base is not just guarded in nature and can kind the life saver on your military developments and troops which is required to ambush foe clans and to uproot them. There are various basics that one ought to consider while arranging the base arrangement and we will quickly discuss about them.

There are two or three buildings that should be secured by allotments and some that must be left outside the dividers. The buildings that must be outside are Builders cabins, Spell producing office, Military camps, Encampment, Research facility and now and again Gold mines and Solution gatherers. On the off chance that the gold mines and remedy authorities are of abnormal states, then you can consider having them inside dividers.

There are only a couple of guarded buildings that should be concentrated like Wizard towers and Mortars to avoid being assaulted and one should avoid setting groups and Toxophilite towers inside of the edges to make it workable for they don’t appear to be the primary buildings to be assaulted.

Parcels can protect buildings and can even slow the adversaries and have for use deliberately. Never leave holes in the dividers or use buildings as a part of the dividers as foes can enter through them and never utilize a solitary cell to secure every one of your buildings and encase every single essential working in particular cells as that gives metal wellbeing regardless of the fact that a divider or cell is ruptured. Making the base as conservative as feasible is a compelling probability as it ought to can offer you some assistance with having a more noteworthy assurance set up.

There are two sorts of plans which may be by and large utilized and one is the guarded base and the other is the farming base. In the guarded base, the town hallway is brought together and appropriately secured and inside of the farming base, the sources are unified and are all around ensured.

The sort of base arrangement utilized will contrast fundamentally based on the strategy that is utilized by the member as a part of the diversion and presumably the most generally utilized arrangement is the protective base arrangement. The tips which have been talked about are regular and there are a ton of alterations that might be expert to the clash of clans mod apk of the clans builder plans that will likely be available inside of the web to suit the strategy of the player.

Tubemate Apk Free Download for Android

Tubemate Apk Free Download for Android – the latest version of it with this tube mate apk app you can download tubemate.apk free android, iphone, pc and tablet free downloads : TubeMate YouTube Downloader is an app for downloading YouTube videos straightforwardly to your cell phone. It permits you to have your most loved videos on your device’s SD card to watch them at whatever point you need. This app is truly simple to utilize, you simply need to search for any video in the hunt bar of the app and press the green bolt situated on the base part of the screen right then and there you can choose the video quality you need to download. It regularly has a wide range of determination alternatives adjusted to the diverse Android devices good with the application.

Tubemate Apk Free Download

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

The downloaded videos will be put away on your SD card of course, yet you can move them around starting with one area then onto the next, however suits you best. TubeMate YouTube Downloader is a simple to-utilize video downloader whose fundamental solid point is precisely that you can have get your hands on any video in seconds.

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TubeMate apk empowers you to record video in various resolutions you can watch through the implicit media player can change over to perceiving MP3 position.

>> Click Here To Download Tubemate APK <<

The project offers a decision of up to 1920×1080 full HD determination video downloads from the quickest record download execution has a 320×240 determination. It additionally empowers you to perform distinctive operations in the meantime working out of sight. Your download numerous videos in the meantime permit you to proceed where you cleared out off at ceasing the empowering programming download.

General Details About The App

  • Publisher – Devian Studio
  • Publisher Website – http://tubemate.net
  • Release Date – September 22, 2015
  • Version –

Fast download mode(with various relationship for a download) Different download determination decisions Establishment, multi-download Resume downloading Follower to MP3 (controlled by MP3 Media Converter) Playlist as highlight/audio(powered by Meridian Player) Share your element finds through Google Buzz, Twitter or email at the tap of a catch YouTube look and related elements recommendations Extra most cherished elements to your YouTube record, make playlists.

Download IMO App For PC, Laptop – APK

Download IMO App – Free Video Calls and Text gives you a chance to stay in contact with family and companions anyway you need to for nothing, regardless of how far away they are. Through this administration, you can make video or sound calls, send pictures, and send text messages without stressing over abroad charges, text restrains, or going over on your minutes.

Download IMO App For PC, Laptop

IMO App Download

IMO App Pros

Group Chat: On the off chance that you have a few companions or relatives that you’d like to have the capacity to chat with as a gathering, you should simply add them to a gathering and you can all take an interest in the same discussion. This is a fun approach to stay in contact, and it couldn’t be simpler to do.

Natural interface: The imo app displays all alternatives obviously, so you won’t experience any difficulty making sense of how to would what you like to do. You can Welcome Companions, begin Another Gathering, access existing Gatherings, and search through your individual Contacts all from the same page, and when you would like to call or text someone, catches are plainly shown on that individual’s Contact page.

IMO App Cons

Just IMO clients: You can just utilize this app to correspond with other IMO clients. So on the off chance that you have a great deal of loved ones individuals who as of now utilize the administration or are willing to join, it can be exceptionally helpful. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t, you won’t receive much in return.

>> Click Here To Download IMO App <<

Main Concern

IMO Free Video Calls and Text is a helpful and advantageous app, if you know other individuals who use it or why should willing join. It’s totally allowed to download and utilize, and it can spare you on overage charges or different expenses connected with utilizing your consistent cell administration.

Lenovo K4 Note Review, Specifications & Features

Lenovo K4 Note Review, Specifications & Features : Lenovo has commenced 2016 with the new Vibe K4 Note smartphone. Those acquainted with Lenovo’s Note arrangement may get confused with the expansion of the Vibe moniker to the name, particularly given the achievement of Lenovo K3 Note a year ago. Head of Product and Advertising at Lenovo Smartphones in India, Anuj Sharma, elucidated that the new K4 Note has been incorporated with the Vibe arrangement of smartphones. While we are not certain if this has anything to do with the gossipy tidbits that Lenovo might suspend its Vibe reach to counteract cannibalisation of Motorola deals, Sharma once more stated “Vibe” extent is not going anyplace.

Lenovo K4 Note Specifications & Features

Lenovo K4 Note Specs

K4 Note is required to have some executioner specs according to the teaser of the organization. Despite the fact that it has not been affirmed about the particular hardware specifications of the phone. K3 Note accompanied 5.5 inch IPS screen with full HD show yet with no Gorilla insurance, this time it is normal that K4 Note will accompany screen assurance rather than a defender screen protect.

K3 Note has Octa-core 1.7 processor and keeps running with 2 GB of RAM, this time it appears that K4 Note will brandishes 3GB RAM with expanded inside capacity of 32GB rather than 16GB. Lenovo K3 Note accompanies 13 MP essential camera and 5 MP front camera, this time the successor might accompany better camera with OIS highlight.

The most concerning issue of the majority of the monetary allowance smartphones is their battery, however K3 Note accompanied 3000 mAh battery yet it was still insufficient for a colossal 5.5 inch screen. Remembering this, K4 Note may accompany a greater battery, 3400 mAh or above is favored from this executioner smartphone from Lenovo.

Lenovo K3 Note has an incredible reaction from the clients and something better can is expectetd from its successor. The clients may update their device from K3 Note to K4 Note in the event that they discover the phone engaging with an aggressive sticker price.

As of late Motorola has propelled Moto G Turbo Release, which is estimated at Rs. 14,999, which could be a firm contender to up and coming K4 Note as the costs of Moto G Turbo may get a cut at the season of Lenovo K4 Note dispatch.

Lenovo K4 Note Specifications

Octa Core 1.3 Ghz CPU
Mediatek 6753
ARM Mali T720
Android 5.1 + Native VipeR Support
Triple MIC Advanced Noise Cancellation System
Finger Print Reader
Finger Print Reader + Finger Print Gestures (Take Photo, Recent Apps, Back Button)
Dolby Atmos Surround Sound over speakers, WM8281+3MIC +Dual Stereo Speaker
UI Enhancements
Native VipeR Support, Secure Zone, Shareit, Finger Print Gestures, Knock to Wake, Camera trigger shortcut, Micro Screen, Smart Scene
Flash memory
Supports external storage up to 128GB
Cellular and wireless
Supports 4G (FDD-LTE&TD-LTE), 3G(WCDMA) and 2G(GSM) networks
FDD LTE Band 1/3/5/7/8/20
TDD LTE Band 40/41
WCDMA (900/1900/2100MHz)
GSM (850/900/1800MHz)
3300mAh Battery (Li Ion)
13.97cm (5.5″)
1920X1080 Full HD IPS Display, 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
Rear camera
13 MP
Front camera
5 MP
Dual LED Flash
ƒ/2.2 aperture
Camera Features
Auto – ISO, Auto – White balance, Auto Focus mode, face recognition, high dynamic range (HDR), real-time filters, 5 Selfie Trigger, Auto Beautification
Rear camera
1080P (1920×1080) Full HD video recording
Front camera
720P (1280×720) HD video recording
Gyroscope, Light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor

As of now, the costs of Lenovo K4 Note has not been uncovered by the authorities, but rather according to the business sector pattern, it will convey a sticker price of Rs. 11,999 which is Rs. 2000 higher than the dispatch cost of K3 Note. Lenovo K3 Note is accessible for Rs. 9,999 in Flipkart, however the costs has been dropped a month ago up to Rs. 8,999 for a restricted period.

We will keep a track on Lenovo K4 Note and its dispatch. To get more reports on Lenovo K4 Note and other Lenovo phones, stay tuned with us.